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Per-Erik Forssén, Docent

I am an associate professor (Biträdande professor and Docent)
at the Computer Vision Laboratory, Linköping University.


I am the principal investigator for the following projects:

Learnable Camera Motion Models
Project funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR).
New algorithms for 3D cameras
Ongoing collaboration with the company Veoneer, funded by Vinnova.
Industrial Applications of Deep Learning
Collaboration with SICK IVP AB.
Model Based Video Coding (Project finished)
Collaboration with Ericsson Research in Kista on the use of structure from motion in video coding.
Embodied Visual Object Recognition (Project finshed)
Project funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR) and Linköping University.
Virtual Global Shutters (Project finished)
Project funded by CENIIT.

Scientific Output


I am the examiner for the following master courses (2nd cycle):

And the PhD course (3rd cycle):

I also manage the Visual Computing profile (sv. Signal- och Bildbehandling) for the D/IT and Y programmes.

I also maintain a List of English-Swedish translations for Computer Vision.

In the summer of 2012, I organized the tutorial Computer Vision on Rolling Shutter Cameras at the CVPR 2012 conference.

I have previously organised and taught the following PhD courses (3rd cycle):

You may also be interested in the CVL Article club. (Participation can give you PhD course credits.)


  • PhD
    2004 Linköping University
  • Postdoc
    2006-2007, Laboratory for Computational Intelligence, University of British Columbia, VR fellowship
  • Docent
    2009 Linköping University

See also this brief CV.

Per-Erik Forssén

Per-Erik Forssén


Computer Vision Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering
Building B
Room 2D:521
SE-581 83 Linköping, Sweden
+46(0)13 285654

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