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Lars Eriksson

This is my private home page that is dedicated to contain information about my family, my friends, and some of my hobbies. It is also dedicated to you that wounder if I have captured you with my camera. If you are interested in my research then you should take a look at my home page at Linköping University.

Currently my home page is quite empty since there are so many things that are interesting beside writing HTML-code, but the diary which describes my year with the family in Zürich might be worth visisting. Unfortunately for the majority of the world the text in the diary is mainly written in swedish, I did this with the purpose so that my parents can read them, but there are some pages that are in english, e.g. skiday, some of them have very nice pictures of Switzerland, and some show a little of the cultural events that we attended, e.g. the fasnacht in Basel.

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Vackert väder, klart.se, yr.no yr.no
Corren, DN, SVD
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