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Personal pages, employees at ISY

This site presents personal pages for persons associated with Department of Electrical Engineering, Linköping university.

Automatic Control

The division works with a broad spectrum of problems in control, modeling and signal processing and aims at a good and productive balance between theoretical developments and industrial applications.
Associated to Automatic Control.

Computer Engineering

The division of Computer Engineering performs teaching and research on processor architectures and logic design including digital logic, different kinds of processors, multiple processors, and system on chip integration from job analysis on high system level down to RTL or gate micro architecture level of VLSI implementations.
Associated to Computer Engineering.

Computer Vision

The research at the Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL) covers a wide range of methods within three-dimensional computer vision, cognitive vision systems, object recognition, image analysis, and medical imaging.
Associated to Computer Vision.

Information Coding

The research spans topics within image coding, communication networks, cryptography, and systems biology. The common denominator is the efficient and robust representation of information.
Associated to Information Coding.

Integrated Circuits and Systems

We are the group that conducts research and provide education on efficient Integrated Circuits and Systems at the department of Electrical Engineering.
As a leading research group, we have many years of IC design research experience, and have contributed with innovative circuit and system solutions at the international forefront. In addition to lots of publications and patents, a number of our research results have been utilized in advanced commercial products such as microprocessors, wireless sensors, internet routers, CMOS cameras, data acquisition systems, and more.
Associated to Integrated Circuits and Systems

Vehicular Systems

Vehicular Systems conducts research in control, diagnosis, and supervision of functions in vehicles. The overall aim is to develop control systems to obtain performance, safety, energy utilization, and environmental stability.
Associated to Vehicular Systems.


Technical support and services.
Associated to TUS

Last updated: 2016-02-04