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Syed Asad Alam

Implementation of Narrow Transition Band FIR Filters using Frequency-Response Masking Technique on FPGAs

Syed Asad Alam is conducting research on implementing narrow-band, wide-band and arbitrary-band FIR filters with narrow transitions bands, using the FRM technique on FPGAs. FRM technique helps in implementing such filters efficiently with low hardware utilization than if these filters are implemented as single-stage filters.

Special focus has been on utilizing the dedicated hardware resources while implementing such filters.These include the built-in, high speed multiplier blocks called DSP blocks in Xilinx FPGA. Efficient memory structures have been implemented to minimize data transfers between memory, as the filters are time-multiplexed. Improvements have been shown in resource utilization when compared to the soft FIR core available from Xilinx.

Filters have been designed for narrow-band filters and presented. Current work focuses on using that architecture to implement wide-band and arbitrary band filters.



Assistant Professor
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Linköpings Universitet
SE-581 83 Linköping
phone number, +46 (0)13 281357
+46 (0)13 139282
B-house, room nr 3D-540
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