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Networked Dynamical Systems: models and applications

12-15 January 2015


The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to various classes of networked systems and to their dynamical properties


4 days of lectures (January 12 - 15) from 8:30 to 11:30

Course content:

  • day 1 (room: Signalen): Introduction to the course; distributed dynamics; Positive systems; Perron-Frobenius theorem. Applications in discrete-time: Markov chains; PageRank algorithm.
  • day 2 (room: Systemet): Continuous-time positive systems; Positive equilibria and stability; Cooperative nonlinear systems. Applications: Compartmental systems; Power control of wireless networks.
  • day 3 (room: Signalen): Consensus problem. Synchronization.
  • day 4 (room: Signalen): Biological applications: Biochemical reaction networks; Flux balance analysis.

Lecturer and examinator:

Course material:

  • Farina, Rinaldi: Positive Linear Systems. Wiley 2000
  • H. Ishii, R. Tempo. The PageRank problem, multiagent consensus and web aggregation, IEEE Control Systems Magazine, June 2014.
  • Olfati-Saber, Murray: Consensus problems in networks of agents with switching topology and time-delay. IEEE Trans. Autom. Contr, 2004.
  • C. Altafini: Notes on Biochemical Reactions Networks. 2013.


Hand-in exercises during the course

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