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Syed Asad Alam

My Background

Hi, my name is Syed Asad Alam. I was born on August 10, 1984 in Karachi, Pakistan. I attended Ladybird Grammar School for my secondary education (1990-2000) and Adamjee Govt. Science College for my higher secondary education (2000-2002). Then, I did my Bachelors of Engineering (B.E.) from NED University of Engineering and Technology (2002/3-2006/7). After that I worked as a Hardware Design Engineering in Digitek Engineering (2007-2008). After this brief stint in the industry, I moved to Linköping University to pursue masters degree in System-on-Chip (SOCWARE) Design. I completed my masters in 1.5 years (2008-2010)and now currently pursuing PhD here in the Division of Electronics Systems, ISY, Linköping under Associate Professor Dr. Oscar Gustafsson.

At the moment, my research has been focussed on the implementation of FIR filters with various configurations, like time-multiplexed filters, sparse filters etc., on FPGAs. Also, I have also worked on FIR filter optimization using LNS numbers. Currently I am involved in developing architectures for resampling in a Sequential Importance Resampling algorithm for Particle filters.

Apart from my research activities, I am also involved in teaching Masters level courses at the university. These courses are part of international masters programs as well as local Swedish programs.

More to follow!!!



Assistant Professor
Institutionen för systemteknik
Linköpings Universitet
581 83 Linköping
B-huset, rumsnummer 3D-540
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