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Per Boström-Rost


I am currently an industrial Ph.D student at the Division of Automatic Control at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Linköping University.

I received a M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Linköping University in 2013 and have since then been employed at Saab Aeronautics. At Saab I am working with the development of the decision support system for the Gripen fighter aircraft, mainly focusing on tactical sensor fusion and resource control. In early 2016 i got the opportunity to join the Wallenberg autonomous systems and software program (WASP) and started my PhD studies at Linköping University.


Modern sensing systems often include several controllable operating modes and parameters. My research is focused on methods for optimizing the control inputs for this type of systems, an area which is referred to as sensor management.

The main part of my research is related to trajectory control for the platforms that carry the sensors, a problem often referred to as informative path planning. The objective in informative path planning is to compute a trajectory for the platform, along which the sensor can obtain maximally informative measurements. This can for example be used to automatically gather information about a system of interest or for environmental monitoring.

Recently, my research has been focused on sensor management from the perspective of multi-target tracking. The problem that I am studying is how to optimize sensor control inputs not only to improve the quality of the state estimates of detected targets, but also to estimate where yet undetected targets may be located.

Per Boström-Rost

PhD Student in Automatic Control

(Swedish: Doktorand i reglerteknik)

+46 73 2485859
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping
Visiting Address:
Campus Valla
Building B
Room 2A:518 (in the A corridor on the ground floor between entrance 25 and 27)

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