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My research interest is about recursive Monte Carlo methods or particle filters applied to target tracking or positioning problems.

Research Topics

  • Theory and Algorithms: complexity analysis, quantization effects, GPU general programming, filter banks, and Kullback-Leibler performance analysis.
  • Target tracking: particle filters for bearings-only, association, and hypotesis testing, track-before-detect.
  • Positioning: Robust navigation at sea without GPS and UW-navigation, and positioning for industrial robot manipulator, inertial measurement unit (IMU) applications, and SLAM.


Positioning at Sea without GPS

A collection of links to magazines writing about part of my Ph.D Thesis.

Publications (RT database)

Thesis (Ph.D 2005) Thesis (Lic. 2002)

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Conference Papers

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Publications (DiVA Database)

The following publications are registred in the publication database LiU DiVA.