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Current projects

Past projects

Anna Karlsson. Master Thesis. Fingerprinting of mobile devices for two-factor Machine-to-machine authentication. Corporate partner: Cybercom.

Carl-Henrik Eriksson. Master Thesis. Informationssäkerhet för applikationer med ISO 27000. Corporate partner: Samhall AB.

Marcus Einar. Master Thesis. An Entropy Source implemented in Self-Timed Rings in an FPGA. Corporate partner: Sectra Communications.

Mattias Fransson. Master Thesis. Differential Power analysis. Corporate partner: Sectra Communications.

Jakob Petersson. Master Thesis. Chained connections in TLS. Corporate partner: Link22, Linköping, Sweden.

Rasmus Holm and David Odelberg. Master Thesis. Secure storage methods for password-based authentication. (2014). Corporate partner: Spotify AB, Stockholm.

Krister Sune Jakobsson. Master Thesis. Theory, Methods and Tools for Statistical Testing of Pseudo And Quantum Random Number Generators (2014).

Simona Bol and Ajla Ceric. Master Thesis. Bitcoin - En hållbar valuta? (2014)

Project proposals

Are you interested in writing a master thesis? Check out the proposed projects on my separate page.

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